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Bed Bug Control Vancouver

Bed Bug Control Vancouver

Do you need bed bug control in Vancouver? Call a pest agency that understands the serious nature of a bed bug infestation. Avon Pest Control specializes in total eradication of bed bugs. If you’ve seen bed bugs in your home or business or have notices activity that leads you to suspect bed bugs, you’ll have to move fast or risk a complete infestation that may require you to move out of your building temporarily.

Guaranteed Bed Bug Extermination

We don’t just say we’ll get rid of bed bugs- we follow through on our promise with professional eradication services that get the job done- once and for all. The first step in getting rid of bed bugs is to make a positive ID to ensure we employ the right type of treatment. If you’ve already made an ID and are certain that what you’re dealing with is a bed bug problem, we’ll come out immediately with the right equipment to get the situation in hand.

Heat Treatment Kills Bed Bugs

It’s been proven that heat kills bed bugs, immature nymphs, and eggs, effectively stopping the cycle of newly hatching bed bugs. We know that bed bugs cannot survive above the temperature of 117 degrees, which is why low-heat extermination works so well since we can kill the pests without damaging your belongings. If you’re interested in learning more about heat treatment for bed bug extermination, feel free to explore the free resources on our website.

Get Informed

Watch our online Bed Bug Videos entitled ‘Bed Bug Awareness’ and ‘Bed Bugs’ to arm yourself with information that can help you stay bed bug-free once we’ve removed them from your building. There are a number of proactive measures you can take to get a small issue in hand quickly, so it doesn’t turn into a bigger problem:

Bed bugs love bedding, which is why it’s essential to launder your sheets, pillow-cases, and comforters frequently. Dry them on high heat to ensure any bed bugs and eggs in your bedding are killed.

  • Purchase a mattress cover to keep bed bugs from burrowing into your mattress, making them very difficult to find.
  • Vacuum carpets twice a day- more often if you suspect bed bug activity in your home.
  • Inspect drapery for signs of bed bugs or launder once a week.
  • Make sure you hire professional bed bug control in Vancouver if you have an infestation.

More Resources

Use our website’s FAQ section for answers to the most commonly asked questions about bed bugs. Since we receive so many questions from potential clients, we’ve set up our website as a resource that can be returned to at any time or the day or night. Feel free to visit as often as you like or call one of our bed bug specialists if your questions are not answered on our site.

There’s no substitute for professional bed bug control in Vancouver. Store-bought products simply cannot give you the peace of mind you need since they are inferior to professional extermination methods. Call one of our techs 24/7 for immediate dispatch when you need help.

Bed Bug Control Vancouver
Avon Pest Control

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